New roof on Redlin Art Center in Watertown, SD

We are a top rated roofing company with the capabilities to accomplish any project we encounter. We only employ experience, well trained professionals to ensure that your roof is properly completed every time. With a reputation for quality workmanship and a professional approach to business, we hope that you will consider Armour Roofing and Construction for your next roofing project.

Our Services

With over 45 years of roofing and construction experience, Armour Roofing and Construction is the leading local roofing company in the residential and commercial roof replacement industry. Our roof replacement services include the tearing off of all layers of the old roof and the inspection of the roof deck for an damage or deterioration.  We use high quality materials as well as experienced, knowledgable and efficient installers.

We work with you to make sure we stay within your budget to install a roof that will protect you and your valuable assets. We are licensed and insured to handle all aspects of the roofing process leaving you to rest assured that your project will be completed properly, quickly, and cost effectively.

Why Choose Us

Trust our experience and our customer reviews. Armour Roofing and Construction only employs the most capable, well-trained installers to make sure your roof is done correctly for every job.

  • Free Inspections
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
  • Residential and Commercial Roof Replacement

Popular Questions

How soon can you get here?

  • We work on an appointment basis, however if there is a roofing emergency we are more than happy to come to you ASAP to inspect your roof.

What is the timeline for my project?

  • The time of a job depends on the size of the job but we are typically able to replace your roof anywhere from 1-2 weeks. We use only the best materials and meticulously inspect our work to ensure we are covering all of your needs correctly and within your budget.

What is the total budget for construction?

  • Once again the budget depends on the size of the job. Give us a call today at 1-605-490-2034 for a FREE roof inspection.